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Being locked out of your car can be very stressful (let alone putting you in a really bad mood!) Possibly you arrive to work late, thinking about the presentation you are making to the executives that morning, you grab your briefcase and workout bag slamming the door and then remembering - YOUR KEYS are on the front seat! Look, you have enough to be stressed about - have your assistant contact the professionals at Asp Services. We will have the keys back on your desk before you are out of your meeting! Our certified locksmith technicians are highly skilled with the most up to date locksmith tools and equipment needed for all of your vehicle lockouts.

The make and model of your vehicle can also change the way we gain access. Most late model cars now have what is called a transponder key (a type of anti-theft devise), or some do not even use a key and lock system, but an electronic key fob. Whatever the scenario, Asp Services has invested in the most current equipment needed to ensure access into these types of vehicles. Let us save you time and stress.

Asp Services is an insured, bonded and reliable company that has served in and around the Los Angeles area for the past 7 years. We take pride in our work and offer satisfaction guaranteed on every job.

Automotive Locksmith Services

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Asp Services is the best choice for professional locksmith services in Los Angeles. Our team of licensed locksmiths are fully trained and experienced in the latest tools and lock picking methods. The friendly staff of are the best in their field and ready to complete any Locksmith Service.


"So happy to find someone that will work on trailer locks!!!! Thanks for the excellent service, it works like brand new once again!!!”
Alan Schill

"When my pharmacy was broken into, locksmith services came right out and repaired the damage and put in heavier locks and reinforced the doors.”
Terry Skogland

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